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Peanut allergies impact 0.6–3% of the population, but it’s estimated that 65% of schools have some accommodation for kids with peanut allergies. Why?

The answer is something Nassim Nicholas Taleb called “the minority rule” whereby small (3–4% of the total population), but a virtuous group can force the entire population…

We all have those relatives. The ones we see only at weddings and the occasional reunion. For me, one of those relatives is a 15-year veteran of the wind industry as a turbine technician.

The median salary for a wind turbine tech is ~$53,000 annually, the median salary in West…

Recently, I was asked by a founder how my role changed as Choose Energy grew. I thought this was a great question, and honestly wasn’t something I’d spent too much time considering.

Now that I sit on the investor side of the table, I realize founders and executives should hire…

A few weeks ago, I tweeted that I expect an increasing amount of M&A activity involving energy transition software startups that fit the following profile:

  • Raise $2–10M
  • Exit for $10–75M

These exits are potentially great for founders and early investors.

For founders, the potential ownership at exit could land between…

We are in the midst of the largest energy transformation of our lifetimes. Over the last few weeks, every guest of Electrified has mentioned the importance of equality in energy.

Climate change is already affecting the planet, increasing the likelihood or intensity of events like floods, heatwaves, and drought, and…

What do cleantech 1.0 and the current oil and gas landscape have in common? At first glance, it might seem like nothing.

Both suffer from what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls “platonicity” — or more simply — focusing on the map instead of the terrain.

There are important qualities of the…

This post originally appeared on on January 13, 2020

Right before Christmas, researchers from Stanford and Berkley, published a 119-page report on the impact of a global GND on grid stability, costs, jobs, health and climate across 143 countries grouped into 24 regions.

The plan would require an investment…

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